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Sanremo Real Estate is based upon over thirty years of experience in the real estate mediation in the Ligurian Riviera. 

Sanremo Real Estate's mission is to find for every client a property that meets their desires, needs and wants, but mostly a property that matches their lifestyle. 

At Albert Real Estate we strongly value confidentiality and our clients's privacy. For this reason, from the very first conact, the company is committed to guarantee the absolute protection of any piece of information that has been exhchanged with its clients.




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Our team of experts, together with the network of professionals with whom we collaborate, will assist you with absolute confidentialty and commitment in every step of the real estate mediation, be it both of residential or commercial nature. 

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What our clients say about us

"Buying a house in Italy couldn't have been any easier. Everyone at Albert Real Estate was very helpful, always available and they all were extremely prepared in every sector of the field. It was a pleasure to work with this real estate agency."

(Daniel S.)


"Competent, reliable and able to manage all those activities (notary, bank, translations, consulate etc.) which often are very hard to handle, moslty for extra European buyers. I strongly reccomend this agency."

(Sara F.)



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